This API is used to initialise a payout.

Use the recipient code returned when payout recipient was created.

You need to provide a unique externalReference that you will use to query the payout status.

Request And Headers

POST: /api/payouts

Content-Type: application/json

Authorization: Basic <token>

NB: We will provide you with the Basic Auth credentials.

Request Payload

	"recipientCode": "CPRC_210468877705707",
	"externalReference": "12345",
	"amount": 1000,
	"countryCode": "NG",
	"currencyCode": "NGN"


Status: 201, 400

	"recipientCode": "CPC_210468877705707",
	"externalReference": "12345",
	"reference": "C-12345-T”,
	"amount": 100,
	"countryCode": "NG",
	"currencyCode": "NGN",
	"status": "PENDING"