Unlock revenue instantly with our easy-to-use API documentation

Welcome to the quick start guide for Pay1st, the proprietary payments platform by Carry1st that unlocks 120+ local payment methods in Africa through one API integration. Through our step-by-step process, you can start offering your players local payment methods and selling your digital content on our Shop in an instant. 👌🎮

Pay1st integration can be broken down into two parts:

1. Integrating our Payments API into your native platform (Client-Side Implementation) - use this guide to enable local payment methods within your native web or app store.

2. Listing your digital content on Carry1st Shop (Server-Side Implementation) - use this guide to set up user validation and webhooks, allowing us to list your products and your users to top up or receive purchased content instantly.

For platforms that require payouts to users (i.e. users add money to a wallet and can cash out), there is also a specific module designed to set up payouts using a variety of local payment methods.

The high-level product modules involved are Pay1st and Integration Party (Provider), as below:

High-level module Integration

High-level module Integration