This webhook is used to validate a user who has selected a game/product in the shop. They will be asked to provider their username/game ID, and Carry1st Platform will call this webhook to validate.

Once this has been implemented, it needs to be setup in your game account configuration in Carry1st Admin Portal.

Implement a GET REST API call, that takes the parameter below. Check if the user identifier exists in your system, and is active, and return a response.

playerIdStringThe user identifier. This should be a unique identifier used to identify the user in the game (i.e., UserID # or Username).
productBundleIdString (Optional)The identifier for the product bundle selected by the customer from Carry1st.
productBundleExternalIdString (Optional)The SKU of the product bundle selected by the customer from the partner's side.
externalReferenceString (Optional)Any reference that is supplied by the merchant.
amountDecimal (Optional)The amount to be purchased by the customer.
currencyCodeString (Optional)The currency code for the amount provided.
countryCodeString (Optional)The country code for the user.
quantityInteger (Optional)The quantity selected by the customer for a product bundle.
GET: https://<webhook_url>?playerId=<GAME_ID>

Success Response:

	"userId": "TEST123",
  	"externalReference": "EXT_REF",
	"amount": 1000,
  	"currencyCode": "NGN"

Error Response:

  	"errorMessage": "ERROR_MESSAGE",
  	"errorCode": "ERROR_CODE"