In this section, we shall provide you with the installation and integration information on how to add Carry1st Platform SDK Payments to your Unity project.

The SDK is wrapped around the implementation of the UniWebview



We recommend to use this approach of intergrating with Platform Payments. If you do choose to handle your own implementation of webview, you can follow the second approach to direct integration with UniWebview in the section below.


About the SDK

Our Unity SDK requires Unity Version β‰₯ 2019.4.15. It runs on iOS Version β‰₯ 9 and Android Version β‰₯ 5.

Get the Platform payments from the following link on GitHub.

Link to package on Github Carry1st Platform Payments repository

In Unity open the package manager. Click on the Add button and select Add package from git URL.

Enter a valid Git URL in the text box and click Add.

Unity Package Manager will download the package from the provided URL and install it. If successful it will add it to the package list.

For instructions on how to install Unity packages from Git URLs follow this link. To the Unity documentation Installing Unity packages from Git